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Hard to believe it's been over a year since my last post. So much has happened. Strange things going on with the Bahro. So much we don't know. The cavern has once again been abandoned. Millenniums of D'ni history left forgotten. I hear rumors about a return, about the rediscovery of the Art, but my call has long since faded. My path lies elsewhere for now.

Shorah b'd'nee...

Pento debate

A careful re-reading of the DRC's Ahlsendar notebook reveals that there were in fact two Pento Ages, one being written for Mekarr and his people after Timaue was defeated. It was upon this second Age that the plague was released. (For some reason I completely passed this over until now.)

It is unknown (to me at least) whether or not the plague reached the first Pento Age, and which Pento the DRC has visited.

Rezeero gah Eder Delin

So the DRC's opened Rezeero and Eder Delin, placing books in the Bevins. I collected as many markers as I could, but not enough areas are open to access the furthest area of Rezeero. Strangely, I couldn't find the markers I seem to remember being in Bevin.

Then Eder Delin. There were a couple people there working on getting the door open, and I helped out. It was fun, even if we didn't finish. But I don't think I'll be trying hard to get that puzzle done. To quote a guy who's much cooler than me, "these wheels roll solo".

D'turn. Because D'ninglish kenen fun.

So at last I am back in D'ni. My Relto has had several changes in my absence. My islands, dock, and imager are gone, but now there is a strange object: five rotating slabs forming a ring shape. My books had been rearranged too, now being in the order Neighborhood - (Nexus) - Ae'gura - (blank) - (blank) - Cleft - Gahreesen - Teledahn - Kadish Tolesa - Eder Gira - Eder Kemo. (My Nexus book was missing at first).

I went to my automatically assigned neighborhood, which was deserted except for me. Oddly, the telescope and ahyoheek table were missing, and the community center was blocked off. I linked to the Nexus, thence to Ae'gura. I have never seen so many people in the city. Utterly amazing. Unfortunately, everything above the Great Stair was blocked by barricades. I gather the DRC is concerned about a Bahro-related incident recently. Hopefully we'll be given fuller access soon.

The last thing I did for the day was to join the D’ni Linguistic Fellowship neighborhood with the aid of Ian Watson. Ken ril exactly fluent b'D'n'i...yeah...but I'm interested in the language.